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Stuck in a ditch and need a winch? Not to worry, you can turn to XL Towing service for help. XL Towing is a reliable winch-out company that has pulled out numerous vehicles stuck in trenches, drains, mud or some other places were driving out on their own was impossible. We’ve handled some of the most difficult winch-out scenarios in the jurisdiction at XL Towing. We’ve seen it all, from regularly recovering vehicles flying off the sides of cliffs to winching out fully loaded tractor-trailers that skid off the freeways. Our heavy-duty fleet, including our 75-ton rotator, is prepared for off-road situations that necessitate a professional winch-out and tow.

Besides car winching, we also provide winching for trucks, heavy-duty vehicle winching services, and even heavy tools and machinery. In addition, if your car encounters a mishap, call us for vehicle recovery. The next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, don’t hesitate to contact XL Towing Service for help. Just dial us for assistance and give us the details of the problem. Then we will come to you with all the needed tools and technicians. We will winch out your car and put it back on the road.

Moreover, we will tow it to the intended place if you require towing service. Why don’t you call us now? We are ready to help.

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